All About Teacup Pigs

“A dog looks up to you, a cat looks down on you, but a [teacup] pig looks you in the eye and treats you as an equal.”    Winston Churchill

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Teacup Pig Farm is the #1 site for finding out about Teacup PigsMicro PigsPocket PigsPet Pigs and Potbelly Pigs.  Teacup pigs make great pets and can often compete for the position of best friend with the loyal dog and cuddly cat.  This site contains teacup pig information including teacup pig costteacup pig pictureswhere to buy a teacup pig, and teacup pig care and nutrition.  Find the size of a teacup pig fully grown!  There is plenty of information available on the Teacup Pig Farm website, but if you would like it all in one attractive ebook, we have written a book just for you!

If you seen a teacup pig on TV, in a magazine, walking around, etc., and you can’t keep your heart from beating out of your chest, this is the website for you!  My name is Anais Alamo and all of my friends and family know I have a passion for pigs that started around 10 years ago when I began my bachelor degree in Animal Production.  At that time I took classes related to swine (pigs) and got the opportunity to work with them and do several research projects.  In 2011, I started Veterinary School at St. George’s University in Grenada.  Currently I’m in my last clinical year of Veterinary School at the University of Tennessee. One of my goals is to focus on the pet pigs market and be able to find every pet pig a lovely home.

What’s my best recommendation before getting a pet pig?  Exactly what you are doing in this site – getting information about pet pigs and their care.  In my book, Your Heart In A Teacup, you will find the perfect starter guide that will help you build a solid foundation.  Having the knowledge in how to take care of your teacup pet pig is priceless because you will most likely prolong their life and also avoid problems like emergency surgery from accidental ingestion of small things around your house.  Having a teacup pig is very rewarding for yourself and also for your pet pig. They love attention and you will certainly get lots of attention while taking them for a walk.  I’m sure you will be famous in your neighborhood with a teacup pig!

A teacup pig is unique from typical pig species due to the fact that they stay much smaller in size than regular pig breeds. While grown adult pigs could weigh hundreds of pounds when they are full developed, a teacup pig will normally turn up at lower than a hundred pounds. A lot of pigs in these smaller types will remain about that weight, and stand as tall as a medium to big pet. Many animal lovers are choosing to embrace a teacup pig over even more custom domestic animals like dogs and cats.

These little cuddly teacup pigs have numerous benefits related to owning them. There size is just among the many advantages they bring with them. Pet dogs and cats are known to shed their long hair. This hair can stick all over, including on furniture and rugs. The animal hair can not just be unattractive, but it can likewise cause allergies to flair up. With a teacup pig, there is very little to no shedding at all. By having a mini pig, instead of a dog or cat, you can eliminate the potential allergens shedding brings into your home.

While canines and felines can live a long time, the life-span of these miniature pigs can surpass the average life expectancy of other domestic animals. These teacup pigs can live up to 20 years, or sometimes more. Many micro pig owners train their brand-new pet to utilize the toilet in a litter box within the first week of ownership.

You could be thinking getting a teacup pig, as an animal might be the right option for you. While the advantages of ownership are fantastic, you should be sure you live in an area where you are zoned for a mini pig.

Teacup pig ownership can bring a lot of rewards. If you think you might want to possess a miniature pig as a pet, you must take all the above information into factor to consider.

If you’re ready, get your teacup pig today!

FYI: The information on this site is meant for educational purposes only.  Although we are veterinarians, we strongly recommend seeking veterinary consult before attempting to diagnose, treat or prescribe therapies for your pets.  Thanks for understanding :)