How To Update Parquet Floors: Practical Tips

To change the native color of the parquet and turn it from standard to exclusive flooring, it is not necessary to contact an expensive specialist. Changes can be made independently, it is enough to purchase special tintry tools and observe the main stages of work.

For toning parquet use stain, colored varnish or special oils and waxes. The latter method is the most eco-friendly, since it uses vegetable oils and natural waxes. Unlike varnish, which forms only protection on the surface, the oil penetrates the wood by a few millimeters, and the wax forms a protective layer on the surface. Thus, the oil coating increases the durability of wood and better protects the floor from moisture.

Let us dwell on the technology of independent work with colored oils.


Color selection

Since the color and texture of the flooring plays an important role in the overall design of the room, the main question that determines the choice – what kind of decorative effect do you want to get?

With the help of oil you can:

  • keep the color of natural wood. In this case, the treatment of the floor is limited to a two-layer application of a finishing colorless oil with hard wax;
  • make a tint imitating valuable wood species;
  • paint the flooring in a bright color (for example, in red).

For color transparent tinting, choose shades close to the original wood color or slightly darker. If you want to get a less saturated tone, you can mix the color oil with the colorless.

Tip: the final result may affect the properties and the degree of processing of wood, so we recommend making a trial coloring of a small area located in an unobtrusive place.

Dyeing process

The complete cycle of painting a wooden floor at home includes 3 stages:

  • surface preparation;
  • toning with colored oil;
  • topcoat colorless solid wax oil.


Full floor polishing is required:

  • when laying a new floor, not past finishing finishing in factory conditions;
  • when updating old floors, if the surface is completely or partially worn, grayed or peeled off;
  • to remove old lacquer coating;
  • if the floor has strong dents, roughness, defects.

Before sanding, check the humidity of the parquet. In the evening, glue a square of 40×40 cm in size with a scotch to a parquet. In the morning, look at the inside. If there is no condensation, then the parquet is dry and can be sanded.

To carry out grinding, you need a parquet grinder. It is easy to hire (as well as other necessary equipment, such as a household vacuum cleaner). The price for renting the device is 500-1500 rubles per day.
Refinishing Parquet Floors

Stir the contents of the jar thoroughly before use. Apply a layer of colored oil to a clean, dry surface with a brush or microfiber roller. Apply the oil in a thin even layer in the direction of the fibers. Remove excess immediately. After applying the oil, leave to dry completely, with good ventilation, it takes about 12 hours. To increase the color intensity, apply a second layer of colored oil.

Finish coat

After you are convinced that the colored oil has dried, proceed to the finishing finish. Usually for a floor covered with colored oil, lacquer is not used. To finish the coating will need a special colorless oil with solid wax. Like color, it is applied with a thin layer in the direction of the wood fibers.

Within 30 minutes after application, you can walk on a damp surface and correct mistakes. The drying time of the surface is on average 8-12 hours. After drying, apply a second coat. Dry it also for at least 12 hours.

You can walk on the floor the next day. However, the final strength of the coating gets in 10-14 days. After 2-3 weeks you can lay carpets.

the old parquet Finish coat

Floor care

Maintain a clean tinted floor can be using regular dry and wet cleaning. On the legs of the tables and chairs do special taps that protect the floor from scratches.

To preserve the good condition of the coating, it is treated with floor care products several times a year. Special compositions allow you to eliminate minor scratches and restore faded color in the passage zones.

If in a few years you decide to renew the interior, simply coat it with oil of a different color. The surface covered with oil, there is no need to grind, unlike a varnish.


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