How to Train Your Micro Mini Pig

Alright the first thing you wanna do! Wait back up! Okay come here..How to teach your pig how to sit..? the first thing you gotta do is take the traet for of the go so that he gonna smell it see…echo the treat over here…okay..he’s trying to smell,following it
Just take ur hand and played up until the bum, the bum hits the floor,once her bum hits the floor,oh try it again,hit the can have the treat,right,if your pig doesn’t do that away back them up in the front while took a while to get this one always do it back up back up back up..see the bum drops onto the pillow,and now she has no place to go,she sat, good girl,okay now once you get her down and she’s able to sit for you it really about …sorry the camera doing that all its really abt to get her to stay so lets stay echo..come..turn around…and sit
She didn’t sit..means she’s on the course..sit sit stay…Good Girl..
When i do sit with her, i literally just move my hand like this…
When i said stay,almost my hand is like a stop..
And that’s how i get her to stay..obviously it won’t work just as the first time you need to do it again and again then it’ll work!
If it doesn’t work right away, do it in a little stages..tell her to go back..get her head up if her head goes you see she’s getting back.. then i’ll click it right show her that she is doing in a right way don’t click the clicker multiple times for a trick..only click it can give them multiple treats for a trick if they done something really good you can give them multiple treats but don’t don’t click it multiple lets try again…come on come..
Sit on ur bum..stay stay
Good girl okay..because she automatically follows my hand when i have a treat.. i try do do it..when i don’t have a once you get her sit with the treat in ur hand now try without the treat in your hand
Stay Good girl
Once they can sit down your pig is ready to learn a bunch of new tricks come back up..scratching ur bum..
So just take out the treat and show to them..
Alright echo..i want you to sit, and i want you to jump you jump?
Try again..
She is not doing lets touch her nose so that she can,Good Girl let her nose touch your hand and let her wanna do the jump
Now she knows…jump jump..good girl
Try do try each trick five times
Ooooooo good job
Jump echo
She’s looking.
At it but she’s not sure..
She always do it alone but now she’s not doing it in front of camera..
Echo jump..
Oooo Good Girl
Something else you get them to do
I didn’t say jump of..
Up up good girl
Every time when you learn
Come over here…
Just touch there hoofs
It really good to do with two people..but she knew how to shake hands already
Echo sit
Shake hands
Ohhhh good girl..
She is still learning but she knew what she wants
But she’s not a pro at it yet..
Come here…
So that they can put their hoofs on ur hand..
Shake hand..
Nice to meet you..
Good girl..
Sit ..
Good girl!!
Usually i m able to click it on the right time
You have to be really patient…because they are young..
And they are just learning..
What are you doing?
Nice to meet you.
Again she’s sitting..
Shake hands.
I hope that sounds well..
I am a teacher..
So if you have any question and you wanna train you pet pigs..
And you know i can make a video for you..
And answer ur
Yeah let us know..
Bye bye

Spin other way..
Lay dead..
Have a kiss..